WasaTrade – briefly in English

We produce national-quality service locally. Our expert staff rents and sells, installs and maintains and even designs and carries out machines, gadgets and equipment.

WasaTrade’s functions are split in to two departments.

WasaTrade Rent

WasaTrade Rent is one of Finland’s leading construction machine rentals. Our company rents and sells machines, gadgets and equipment to contractors, construction companies and other companies. We can also offer a quick and certain maintenance for a versatile machine selection. This combined with the best brands in the branch, creates an easy and reliable way for our clients, to maintain a working selection of construction machines.
We rent our own and transmit to rent nation’s largest crane rental, Pekkaniska’s, basket cranes. We are the most versatile and largest crane rental, as well as -seller in the Pohjanmaa region, so our prices are very competitive. All our functions are customer oriented and flexible, which serves the buyer even when their needs change.

WasaTrade Service

WasaTrade Service provides supporting services for the production for construction branch and for industrial companies in different branches. We build production sites with their infrastructure comprehensively to our clients’ work sites according to their needs whether it’s a site on an urban area or outside one. We deliver an ensemble fitting for every need to each site, from cranes to coffee machines. For industry, we offer repair, maintenance and installation services, as well as transport for the machines. In addition, we design and produce gadgets on client’s order.

You order – we produce!

Part of the WasaGroup Concern

WasaTrade is a part of the WasaGroup Concern, whose other subsidiaries include construction company WasaCon, design office WasaPlan, steel construction expert WasaSteel and real estate fund WasaGroup Funds.